Water is life – and cutting-edge technologies are making the most of our most important natural asset.

The water we drink and use is one of our most important assets. As aging urban and rural water infrastructures prove to be insufficient in today’s world, some of Israel and the world’s most innovative start-ups – sometimes backed by government support – are involved in advanced water treatment technology development, greywater recycling, water transference, basin management and much more.


New technologies and visions are changing the agriculture industry for the better.

The fact that the AgTech industry has begun to blossom should come as no surprise, due to population growth, heightened demand for food, consumer awareness and climate changes that present new challenges. Seed genetics, water irrigation technologies and organic, chemical-free growth are all on the rise – with Israel as one of the global leaders in this innovative field, which continues to unleash limitless possibilities.


Natural energy can be harnessed to create a cleaner, safer world for us to live in.

Natural resources such as wind, sunlight and rain are gradually changing the way we produce electricity, drive our cars and warm our houses. Wind turbines, hydropower, solar energy, biofuel and diverse recycling technologies – just to name a few – are becoming more and more dominant in today’s markets. Today’s most effective – and profitable – technologies are those that can harness natural energy, without any environmental side-effects, for the benefit of the global population.


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BoP, or short for “Base of Pyramid”, refers to the world’s poorest populations. While welfare and other services are directed towards BoP populations, businesses offering innovative technologies and products often choose to overlook them, focusing on the middle and upper classes. Yet in recent years, some of the world’s most interesting business initiatives – in Israel and all over the world – have targeted their products towards BoP populations, realizing both market need and business potential.


The medical industry embraces technological developments that save and prolong lives.

The medical industry has always relied on technological innovation for health treatment. The work conducted in recent years – in areas ranging from cancer research and cardiovascular treatment to pharmaceuticals and mobile online medical applications – are nothing short of revolutionary. Scientists, physicians and engineers in Israel and all over the world are leading the medical industry into the 21st century – and changing millions of lives in the process.

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