How We Work

Hands-On project management

In order to help our clients achieve their objectives, we employ an A-to-Z project management method that is based on hands-on, goal-oriented team management, until each clearly-defined objective is obtained.


Flexible and innovative work models

When it comes to how we work, we’re pretty flexible. In some projects, we operate at the “backend”, offering support to the CEO/VP BD by getting work done and/or providing training and guidance. In other cases, we are situated in front, acting as an active company team member (for example, as Export Manager or Business Development Director).

Four core stages to success

While our work process is tailored to each client’s unique requirements, it is often composed of the following four core stages:

Stage 1: Understanding the needs of the client
Stage 2: Clear and concise project definition, including tasks, timetables, designated team members (both from Proficio and the client), client responsibilities, budget, and expected deliverables and end results.
Stage 3: Project execution
Stage 4: Summary and definition of next steps

We believe in teamwork

At Proficio, we base our client collaborations on teamwork. We aspire to integrate seamlessly within our client’s professional team, share creative ideas and strategies and work together in order to achieve ambitious goals. We operate the same way internally within our own staff, on any given project. In the end, it’s all about people and what they can achieve together.


Language adaptability

We can adapt to a variety of cultural environments and communicate fluently in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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