Tamuz Energy

Tamuz Energy is developing a revolutionary low cost distributed solar technology for generating high value heat for industrial processes, steam generation, and heating & cooling applications.


Ozone based technology for water purification for POE (Point of Entry) and POU (Point of Use) applications


The company specializes in product design and manufacturing for urban environments and public areas. Main area of expertise is drinking fountains.

Magen eco-Energy

Develops, manufactures, and markets clean economical solutions including solar pool heating, natural salt chlorinators, Industrial heat exchangers and products for agriculture.


Unique and promising products aimed to provide a solution for the increasing and disturbing problem of child drowning.

NE Field Diagnostics

Developing an innovative Pulmonary Function Test device.


Solight invented a game changing, highly efficient, affordable, and durable solar lighting systems for residential and commercial buildings.


SunBoost's disruptive technology enables installation of PV systems on greenhouses without compromising agriculture yields.


SCADA cyber security & anomaly detection that simply can't be circumvented


Designs and manufactures advanced solar mounting solutions - a tracking system with the highest ground cover ratio in the market.


a mobile technology based solution to provide smallholder farmers in Vietnam the ability to connect to agricultural social and business networks to receive and share agricultural information.


Developed the Synchronverter, a control algorithim that supports grid stabilization by controlling voltage and frequency droops.


Solar Analytics


Battery reinvented. Terragenic's revolutionary hydrogen energy storage technology enables a battery with five times the energy of standard batteries and with only few seconds charging time.

Copli Technologies

Prosthesis for children in developing countries

Red Toolbox

high quality real work tools and craft kits for kids

Enolog Technologies

Automatic, Real-Time System for Optimizing Wine Quality


UAV-based service and maintenance, first application is Cleaning and Inspection of PV fields


NPI Pro is a SaaS platform that provides customer service applications for equipment maintenance support


LED lighting solution that provides healthy sunlight within the human visible spectrum.


Technology that extracts the solar potential from standard aerial imagery, and provides rooftop energy and financial analytics.

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