What We Do

Proficio offers its clients diverse business development services, which complement their existing assets and resources and enhance their growth potential.


Who do we serve?

Our clients include entrepreneurs with early stage ideas, start-ups and mature companies. We serve Israeli companies looking to develop their business within international markets, as well as international companies seeking Israeli technologies that cater to diverse needs in their countries of origin.


The services we offer include:

Feasibility studies

Initial ideas require feasibility analysis, as the objective is to get a go/no go before investing in the next stages. The studies include both market and technology analysis – the latter usually involves working with technological specialists.


Business identification & contact

The importance of business contacts cannot be stressed enough. We provide business contacts identification and analysis of local and global potential partners/distributors/suppliers, as well as contact management and facilitation of valuable business connections.

Business plans (partial/full)

This area of expertise includes the preparation of complete business plans (or specific sections). We review business models/marketing/sales strategies, provide competition analysis, create marketing plans re specific products & markets and supply financial analysis (P&L, client business model analysis, etc.).


M&A and JV project management

We map our clients’ needs and expectations regarding M&A and Joint Venture deals, via analysis of diverse technologies and companies. We also provide post-analysis stage management – contacting companies to examine a possible fit, schedule meetings and facilitate detailed communication, prepare for negotiations and more.

Investment and grant initiative support

We’re here for the entire process: creating materials for investors (company profile, Investment presentation, etc.), identifying specific investors and grants, managing investor/funder contact cycles, managing the grant writing process and more.


Marketing content

When it comes to business development, marketing content cannot be neglected. We review all key company messages, and produce diverse marketing materials (website, brochures, social media, materials for investors, exhibitions and more) in a variety of languages.

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